School Playgrounds

Sunset School Playground

If you ask a child what their favorite part of school is, chances are the answer will be “recess.”  That wonderful time when you get to get up from your desk and go run, and yell, and just be outdoors. Playgrounds in modern schools are so full of color and movement that, even as an adult, you just kind of want to go climb on something and…play.

The Coos Bay School District is actively working to provide enticing play areas for our kids to get out and enjoy moving and playing between classes.  The incorporation of the Peaceful Playgrounds components brings color and many more game opportunities for our kids.  However, the fun of climbing on play structures is not to be missed.

As you probably saw earlier this week, the new Millicoma School playground is now boasting a beautiful new play structure, installed over winter break.  When it is completed, the new Eastside School will have its own structure for our K-2 students.  Madison School currently has play structures appropriate for their student body, but what about Sunset School? 

We are so glad you asked! Sunset School is also scheduled to get a new play structure.  This summer Northwest Playgrounds will be installing their new structure under the canopy. The structure will be complete with fall padding to protect the kids, since it will be installed over the existing concrete base.

Colorful, diverse in opportunities, and sized for younger kids, it will be a terrific addition to recess time at Sunset. With the playground, in conjunction with the Peaceful Playgrounds program, our students are going to have years of quality safe fun during those precious breaks, when body and imagination get to run wild.