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Indian Education

Indian Education Program (Title VII)


What is Indian Education?

Indian Education programs are special activities made available to schools by the Indian Education Programs Office of the US Department of Education based on enrollment (Form 506). The activities are developed locally by our Parent Committee and the Indian Education Coordinator to help meet the academic, social and cultural needs of American Indian students in our schools.

Who is on the committee?

The Parent Committee encompasses any Parent, Grandparent or the Student’s legal Guardian who reside with the enrolled student as well as Teachers and local Tribes.

Who is Eligible?

All students in grades K through 12 who have American Indian Ancestry are eligible.  Students are not required to have 1/4 blood quantum. However, it is preferred that there is a document showing that at least the student’s Parent or Grandparent have some type of documentation.

How do I access services for my child?

Simply download/complete the 506 Title VII Student Eligibility Certification form and return it to your child’s school or to the IE Program Coordinator.

What will my child receive?

¨ Tutoring for students having difficulty in their studies as well as educational enhancements.

¨ Assistance in obtaining and completion of scholarship applications

¨ Cultural Resource presentations

¨ Summer Camp Opportunities

¨ Access to Excellent books and DVD films

¨ Field Trips, if available

¨ High School Graduation Incentives

¨ Gatherings

¨ Genealogy Research Assistance

What do these activities cost?

There is no cost to the students or the schools to receive these services. All programs operate from funding based on the number of students registered.

Enroll your child today to help preserve the Native American heritage and pass those traditions on to our children.

Indian Education Staff

Mac Korte, Program Coordinator, Tutor
Phone: 541-267-3104 Ext 1402 or E-Mail