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SST-Follow Up

Follow-up on Action Plan


Monthly, the SST facilitators will review active student SST files to determine what actions were taken and what has been effective and what follow-up may need to occur as they follow the SST process.

Blossom SST meets the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month

The facilitator is Linda Vickrey 541-267-1341

Madison SST meets every Thursday at 2:45

The facilitator is Jan Schock 541-888-1211

Millicoma SST meets Thursday afternoon

The facilitator is Marji Cagley 541-267-1467

Sunset SST meets the last Thursday of the Month

The facilitator is Marianne Licht 541-888-1241

Marshfield SST meets every Monday morning at 7:15

The facilitator is Jessica Sprague 541-267-1413

Harding Programs SST meets on an as-needed basis please contact the facilitator

The facilitator is Greg Mulkey 541-267-1480


If you have further questions contact Lisa DeSalvio, Director of Special Programs at 541-267-1325