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CBEA Negotiations

Bargaining with Coos Bay Education Association update: 7/27/2021

The District continues to negotiate with CBEA, the licensed educator group. Over the past several weeks, progress has been made in many areas and has resulted in good discussion and language changes which represent both the interests of the bargaining unit and the District.


Key points from the District’s latest proposal include: a 5% increase and additional step in salary for the 21-22 school year, a 3% salary and step increase for the 22-23 school year; insurance contribution increase each year of the contract which keeps pace with the increased cost of premiums; tuition reimbursement pool increase, additional paid personal leave; a 5% increase and additional step increase in extra duty pay for 21-22 school year and a 3% salary and step increase in extra duty pay for the 22-23 school year; commitment to increase numbers of mentors for new educators; continuation of current HSA benefits ($3300 annual contribution) for current and newly hired employees; and additional extra-curricular supervision contracts.


This year, due to declining enrollment and the level of state school funding, our general fund balance is facing a deficit. We are able to make up for some of the decrease in funds using specially allocated federal dollars to maintain, and even in some cases add to, our current level of services provided to the students of Coos Bay Schools.


This proposal, while showing an increase in benefits for our staff, also stays within our balanced and approved budget, and allows us to continue with our priorities to lower class size in order to provide support for recovery learning, provide instructional, behavioral and mental health support, add elective opportunities at the 7-12 grade levels, continue curriculum purchases, update our technology infrastructure, maintain a healthy capital projects funds to make necessary upgrades, and save for future repairs for maintenance and upgrades to our new buildings.