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Inclement Weather Information

Coos Bay School District

School closure, delayed start and/or snow route decisions will typically be communicated to parents, media outlets, and posted on the District website, Facebook and Twitter by 5:30 a.m.

We encourage families to make transportation and attendance decisions for their child(ren) based on their own assessment of travel conditions at their location.

When all district schools and facilities are closed

  • All daytime and evening school activities/events on closure days are canceled.

When there is a 2-hour delay in opening school

  • All schools will open two hours later than regularly scheduled.
  • Buses will be on Snow Routes. Routes are posted on the transportation page.

When school is on time and buses are on Snow Routes

  • All schools operate on regular daily schedules.
  • Routes impacted by snow & ice are on a two-hour delay
  • Snow routes are posted on the transportation page. 
  • If the weather forecast calls for declining weather conditions throughout the day, the district will implement snow routes for PM dismissal.

When weather conditions necessitate an early closure of schools
  • We encourage you to refer to the CBSD website and local media for more detailed information.
  • All daytime and evening activities/events are canceled.

Early Release School Days
  • If there is inclement weather on an early release day, the District will decide the schedule on a case-by-case basis and notify parents appropriately.


In the event of Snow/Ice, there will be areas that our buses will not be able to safely travel on. They are listed below by Route #. The stops highlighted in red will be where those students can access transportation on the days we have snow/icy routes only in part of the district. If the weather forecast calls for declining weather conditions throughout the day, the district will implement snow/ice routes for afternoon dismissal at the same pick-up location. If you have questions, please call 541-888-9131.

Rt. 3: We will not go into Green acres (HWY 42) — pull out at top just before Green Acres and Hwy 42. 6:40
Rt 11: No Steinsmith Rd

Rt. 12, 17, 54: Flanagan Rd, Bay Park -Lighthouse School.
Rt. 12-6:45 Rt.17-7:10 Rt. 54-6:50

Rt. 18, 15: Isthmus Heights, Isthmus Cut Off — corner of Olive Barber and Isthmus cut off 6:30

Rt. 16, 30, 52: Pennsylvania, California — SW Blvd & Pennsylvania/California.
Rt. 16- Pennsylvania 7:13 California 7:15 Rt. 30- California 6:30 Pennsylvania 6:35,
Rt. 52- Pennsylvania 6:55 California 7:00

Rt. 29, 25: Seven Devils Rd. — Chucks Seafood.
Rt. 25-6:35 Rt. 29-6:45

Rt. 48, 20, 29: Radar, Prefontaine, Inlet Lane will meet at Ocean & Radar (Old Nissan lot).
Rt. 29- 7:35 Rt.48-7:10 Rt.20-7:10
Kentucky and Fulton and Blanco - Will meet at bottom of Rd. on Morrison
Rt. 29-7:20 Rt. 48-7:14 Rt. 20- 7:15

Rt. 32, 44: Bus 32 will not run. Students will meet bus 44 @ West Fork, HWY 241- Old Rooke- Higgins Campground (pullout) will meet Rt. 44- 6:50. Bus will get students on East Bay Rd.
Rt.44 Will pick up 16th St & Evergreen on 16" St & Coos River HWY. 7:15

Rt. 35: Blue Ridge, Stock Slough — Intersection of Stock Slough & Catching Slough. - 6:40 Will pick up 39’s students for Coos Sumner Lane & Sealander Intersection Sealander & S. Sumner 6:55

Rt. 39: will pick up all Old Wagon students for 39, 15, and 18- at the intersection of Old Wagon and Ross Inlet 6:50
E, F, and H Streets — 7th and F St.-7:15 7th and E St. - 7:16
Updated: 11/08/2019