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Registration Information

Registration dates and times for the 2019-2020 school year will be published when finalized. 
Marshfield High School - August 21 and 22 from 8am to 3pm. See MHS Registration Letter 2019-2020 for full details and show up times.
Destinations and Resource Link - August 22 and 23 from 8am to 3pm at the Milner Crest Education Center.
Details on dates and times for Madison, Blossom Gulch, Sunset, and Millicoma coming soon.
If you are ready to begin online registration, please click "Online Registration" on the right. 

What you need at registration: 

Please return items to the appropriate school or the district office prior to the first day. 

General Information, in alphabetical order

Athletic Information, including Practices:

Physical Examinations:

Birth Record Order Form: If your child was born in Oregon and you need to order proof of your child’s birth date, applications are below.

Bus Routes:

Contact First Student Transportation at 541-888-9131 for your student’s bus information. 


2019-2020 Student Calendars coming soon! 

Daycare providers: 

Dress Code:


For those that prefer paying fees online, Coos Bay Public School has partnered with "My School Bucks" this link will take you to their website where Parents can sign up and use the service.
School Bucks Link

General Information:

Granting Student Contact and Access to Education Records form: 

This form allows the parent/legal guardian to designate another person to contact their student at school and check attendance, grades and homework.

Immunizations Information for 2018-2019: 


Inter-district Transfer Form (between districts): 

Intra-district Request Form (between schools within the district): 

If you wish your child to attend a school out of your home school’s assigned area, please fill out the Request for Intra-district Transfer form and turn it in at the school office.

Power of Attorney for School Purposes:

If you wish to delegate educational duties or rights for your student to another adult, the Power of Attorney for School Purposes form needs to be notarized and turned in at the school office. The Power of Attorney is valid for 6 months and may be revoked, in writing, at any time.

Start & Stop Times:

Supply Lists: 

The district has Board approval to use the K-7th-grade student fee (which is $25.00) to purchase basic school supplies for all K-7 students. There will be a few items that parents will need to purchase and they will receive that list at the beginning of school. 
HLC – Provided at the beginning of the year