Ramped Up Activity at Eastside

Update as of July 17 2019

Up until now, most of the activity at the Eastside/Millicoma campus has involved tree removal, building retaining walls, and underground site work.  Knife River has been very active removing the old playground grassy area, among other things, and the basics of site utilities are progressing.

This week you will see more activity as additional subcontractors arrive on campus for their part in the new building.  The beginnings of the foundation are under construction, even as the elevator pit is dug and outfitted.  The storm drain continues to be installed. 

The goal is to have the site work completed so that the drive approach to Millicoma School and northern parking lot are completed before school starts in September. 

If you have questions please remember you can email IMS, our Construction Management Consultant, at any time at nancyg@integritymgmtsolns.com. Nancy will be happy to answer your questions.