Coos Bay PE Harvest Run Gives People a Leg Up

The Coos Bay PE Department has hosted a number of run/walk events this school year, including the Harvest Run that was held on November 23 at Mingus Park.

Thirty-nine students participated in the Coos Bay PE Harvest Run. In addition to the exercise and family fun, the event collected 208 food items donated by students and their families to help those in need for Thanksgiving.

The food items were donated to the Nancy Devereux Center. The non-profit organization was very appreciative of the generosity and made a point to let everyone at the Center know that our awesome students donated it.

At the conclusion of the event, the Coos Bay PE Department was able to give away some huge pies donated by Safeway and gift certificates donated by SharkBites, Blue Heron Bistro, City Subs, Abby’s Pizza, and Dave’s Pizza. Also, a big thank you to Mahaffy Ranch for donating pumpkins to mark the course.

Picture: Iosha Reed (Madison PE teacher) [middle] and Jeremy West [right] giving the food items to Tara Johnson from the Nancy Devereux Center [left].