CAUTION: Harding Abatement Has Begun

In preparation for the construction of the new Marshfield Junior High School, the Harding Learning Center is scheduled for demolition this coming spring.  But before true demolition can begin, a very important step must first be accomplished:  the abatement of hazardous materials.  Over many years of construction, materials have changed as lessons have been learned.  Materials that were used in construction in 1923 are no longer considered safe so, during demolition, they need to be carefully removed. 

One of our local companies, Arcadia Environmental, is working with the Coos Bay School District to complete the abatement while keeping the old gym open for winter sports.  In order to keep our students and staff safe, they have placed barriers to contain airborne hazardous materials as well as warning signs to keep people out of hazardous areas. 

If you have reason to visit any portion of the Harding Learning Center before it is demolished, please be safe by respecting all barriers and signs.