Line The Walls...with canned food!

During the season for family traditions, food, and School Winter Programs, Blossom Gulch School in Coos Bay has continued their holiday tradition to Line the Walls with food donations for families in need. For a number of years, the K-3rd grade school has lined their halls with canned food, and in their final year at the Blossom Gulch School, this moment holds a special place in everyone's heart. Next year, the kids will be a year older, but with new walls as they carry the tradition to Eastside School. 
Today, the students walked down the halls with 2,129 items of food on their way to send them off to the Emanuel Episcopal Church Food Pantry, ready for families who need it. The kindergarten classes brought in the top number cans with 667 and Mrs Souza's class brought in the most as a class with 202. Great job everyone! Hopefully all of the kids will remember to Line the Halls for a la la la la, la la long time.