Back to School Info 2020-2021


What is Comprehensive Distance Learning (CDL)?

The spring of 2020 produced a sudden change to our daily lives and our educational structure.  It was crisis education. This fall will look VERY different than the distance learning that occurred in the spring.  The past few months have been a time of reflection and planning for a better system.

What does this mean to you?

This school year will be more academically challenging and there will be requirements similar to normal, in-person school. Grades 4th-12th will be in Comprehensive Distance Learning (CDL) at least through October 12th. At that time, the district will evaluate whether we have met the state mandated metrics in order to resume with the in-person hybrid (AM/PM) cohort model for 4th-12th.

If you have elected to be online only through CBD9 Online and we return to school in person, you are required to wait until the start of the next quarter if you want to start with the hybrid model. For more information on the differences between the Hybrid Model and CBD9 Online, please see below.

Beginning of the Year Dates

  • 9/14 – 7th -12th grade - First Day of School - Visit your school website for details

  • 9/14 - 9/18 - K-6th grade Kick-Off Week for teacher/parent communication and orientation.

  • 9/21 – K – 3rd Grade First day of In-Person learning (AM/PM Cohorts)

  • 9/21 - 4th – 6th grade will begin Comprehensive Distance Learning/CBD9 Online instruction

What is In-Person Hybrid Learning?

K-3rd grade will return to in-person hybrid learning (as long as county metrics allow). This is a combination of in-person and at-home learning. Students plan to attend in an AM (8a-11am) or PM cohort schedule (12:30pm-3:30pm) on Mon - Thurs with Friday being a distance learning/support day. Teachers will set up appointments to meet with families the week of Sept 14 to 18 to provide more information. To find out which Cohort you are in, please visit the cohort placement map. The first day of in-person hybrid learning for K-3rd grade is September 21.

Attendance Counts!

The Oregon Department of Education is still enforcing laws regarding regular school attendance.
Regardless of whether students are completely online or utilizing the CDL/Hybrid model, they are required to interact in each class every day. Our teachers will still be taking attendance and our office staff will be closely monitoring and tracking student attendance. The expectation is that the students are attending the synchronous (live) learning during their scheduled time as well as completing the asynchronous coursework online.

How is attendance taken?

Attendance includes both participation in class activities and interaction with a teacher or Educational Assistant. Interaction can be evidenced by any of the following or reasonable equivalents:

  • Participating in a video class;
  • Communication from the student to the teacher via chat, text message, communication app or email;
  • A phone call between the teacher or educational assistants and the student, or, for younger students, with the parent or guardian of the student;
  • Posting completed coursework to a learning management system or web-based platform or via email; or
  • Turning in completed coursework on a given day.

What is an absence? When there is no evidence of student interaction during a 24-hour period surrounding a scheduled school day as described, students are reported as absent for the day (grades K-5/ self-contained) or class (grades 6-12/ individual subject).


For families who do not have a laptop, Chromebook or Computer that can support the Chromebook web browser will have an opportunity to checkout a Chromebook. 7-12th grade students, please contact your school. For KG - 6th grade, Chromebooks will be available for pickup when you meet with your teacher during Kick-Off Week (Sept 14-18). K-3rd grade students in Hybrid will have Chromebooks distributed at a later date.

 CDL/Hybrid vs. Online Only

The deadline for students to opt into the CBD9 Online only school was Monday, August 31st. If a current student did not opt-in, they were automatically enrolled in the CDL/Hybrid model. If you have questions about your school model or your enrollment, please contact your school secretary or wait until your teacher reaches out in the week after Labor Day to discuss which model is best for your child.



Comprehensive Distance Learning (CDL)

CBD9 Online

Student Experience

Students will learn through both live and recorded instruction, follow teacher direction lessons, socialize and interact with classmates, and receive individualized instruction form the teacher.

Students will learn through a self-paced online program.


Students will attend scheduled, live, interactive classes with staff and classmates within the virtual classroom

Students will not meet for live classes. Work is done individually.


Students will be provided with curriculum through Accelerate (K-5) or Edgenuity (6-12) which is aligned with state standards. The courses can be created by the individual teachers.

Students will be provided curriculum through Accelerate (K-5) or Edgenuity (6-12), which is aligned with state standards.


Attendance will be taken daily.

Attendance will be taken daily.


Students will be supported through scheduled online teacher office hours


Students with learning plans will receive individualized support.

Staff support will be made available for students who need assistance or questions.


Students with learning plans will receive individualized support.

Long Term

Students will attend in-person instruction when state and county metrics are met

Students will not attend in person when the state and county metrics are met.

Students will be required to stay in this model until the end of the quarter before being allowed to transition to in-person learning.