Marshfield High School Newsletter

October 1, 2020


 Welcome Back

 It is with great pride and excitement that I welcome you to Marshfield High School for the 2020-2021 school year. The last six months have been extremely difficult and challenging for everyone but I am hopeful we are on the tail end of that!

 I want to thank those who have spent countless hours helping develop the processes and procedures for this great journey we are about to embark on.

 CDL/Hybrid Goal

 We are committed to providing a safe and inclusive environment in order to reconnect students to their school community through positive communication and continual student support while providing quality education and ensuring essential needs are being met.


  • Students are expected to log into their classes every day, this includes Fridays.

 What counts as attendance?

  • Attending a Google Meets session, completing a task on Edgenuity, two-way communication with a teacher via email, Remind or phone call. Failure to not do one of the above for each class will count as an absence.

  • Please remember that each teacher sets the preferred method of earning attendance for their class. Students should be aware of this and check in using the platform that is expected by their teacher.  If you will not be able to attend class please call the attendance office to have your absence excused at 541-267-1418.

What about Friday’s?

  • Friday is a school day. Although there aren’t scheduled Google Meets, students are given assignments each Friday and the expectations are to log on and either complete the lesson, review the material or catch up on missing work.  Attendance for Friday will be recorded Monday morning.


  • This week we will be sending an email with information for parents to access the Family Portal in Edgenuity. This site will allow parents to access current information about their student’s progress and performance.  According to Edgenuity, “parents will be able to see a range of information such as how much time the students have spent working on their courses, their grades and if they are on track to finish the course on time.” This information will roll out the week of September 29-October 2.
Important Dates
  • November 11 - Veterans Day - No School
  • November 12 - End of First Quarter
  • November 13 - Grading Day
  • November 25 - Conference Trade Day - No School
  • November 26 – Thanksgiving
  • November 27 -Thanksgiving
  • 19-Jan.3 - Winter Break
  • January 28 - End of Second Quarter
  • January 29 - Grading Day


  • Comprehensive Distance Learning (CDL) - Instruction occurs remotely with very limited exceptions for in-person supports.

  • Synchronous Learning - Learning in which participants interact at the same time and in the same space. 

  • Asynchronous Learning - Learning that occurs in elapsed time between two or more people. Examples include email, online discussion forums, message boards, blogs, podcasts, etc.   
  • Applied Learning - Applied learning experiences allow for students to apply knowledge and skills that extend from the teacher-facilitated learning. These learning experiences are   intentionally designed by the teacher to meaningfully deepen student engagement, allow for   peer interaction, and to support family and community involvement.

In Progress/Credit Recovery  

The district is following the Credit-Earning Assurance Plan passed down by the Governor last Spring with regards to students earning an (I) last spring.   

Students that received an (I) in the Spring of 2020 have two options to earn a P.  

Option 1 - Complete coursework required in Spring of 2020 as directed by the teacher.

Option 2 - Pass next course in sequence in Semester 1, 2020-21 (if applicable).


9 weeks = 1 Semester of credit

You have probably noticed that students are only enrolled in 4 classes not the normal 7 classes.  We have done this strategically with the idea that since we are in a CDL model it would be easier for students to manage 4 classes rather than 7.  As a result of this, students will earn 1 Semester credit for the 9 weeks.  This does not apply for College Credit courses.

How Parents and Students can find information

District information:

Marshfield High School information:

Counseling and Student Services info:



  • Make sure you are attending the Senior Class Google Meets, checking your CBK12 email accounts and matching the Senior Important Dates information on our MHS webpage.

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