Marshfield JHS Construction Update

These amazing concrete panels were formed at a Knife River facility in Harrisburg, specifically to fit the plan for MJHS. 

Many of the panels are the typical gray one would expect of concrete walls.  But some of them have had color mixed into the concrete to provide color and interest to the exterior of the school.  On the interior, patterns have been cleverly built into the panels, again, to provide interest and style. 

The third floor of the school will be more traditionally constructed of steel framing, with the exterior covered in siding similar to what is on the new Eastside School.

Over the next year you will see the appearance of the concrete panels change subtly.  This is a natural process in concrete curing.  As you can see in the image, the result is a terracotta-like finish that adds character to the gray walls. When school starts in 2021, we expect to have another beautiful new school where all of our district’s 7th and 8th graders can enjoy learning together, and with additional resources that the school’s proximity to the high school will provide. 

What an exciting time for schools in Coos Bay!