Local COVID-19 Update as of October 24

Dear Coos Bay School District Families, 


Before giving the weekly COVID-19 update, I’d like to recognize our teachers, staff, and clubs that have been working hard to reach students and families creatively. In addition to classroom lessons, other activities have included the first MHS Virtual Pep Assembly of the year, Spirit Week contests, costume days, virtual Red Ribbon week, and upcoming Veterans Day outreach activities. Now, more than ever, it is important to encourage one another. 


In regards to our local COVID-19 update, recent case numbers for the county are posted and they are continuing to be relatively high, which is similar to past weeks. The numbers have fluctuated above and below 30 cases per 100,000 in our county. Since we are in the K-3 exception for in-person, we monitor the cases in our county, with the help of Coos Health and Wellness, to make determinations about quarantine of cohorts or school closures. I do want to encourage you all to continue to practice the safety protocols to help slow the spread of the virus in our community. I have attached a PSA from Coos Health and Wellness regarding low risk activities, especially during the Halloween weekend. I look forward to seeing the case numbers come down so we can keep our K-3 students in school and begin the planning to bring our 4-12 kids back to campus.  


Stay Safe, Stay Healthy,


Bryan Trendell 

Coos Bay Public Schools 



Referenced Information 

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