When Can We Return 4th - 6th Grade?

Dear Coos Bay School District Community, 

As we enter the 2nd quarter of school, I’d like to provide a more in depth look at the Coos Bay School District’s plans for bringing students back to in-person learning. At the beginning of each week, the Oregon Health Authority releases new data which will help our District decide when we can return 4th – 6th grade. If the data released next week shows a decline in Coos County cases and brings our county well within the yellow zone, we plan to move forward with returning 4th – 6th grade the week of November 30th. If the new metrics show an increase or we stay in the orange zone, then we will delay returning the 4th – 6th grade and revisit the metrics each week.

Attached is a visual released by Coos Health and Wellness to show where our county sits based on the most recent data. If you have questions regarding COVID-19, please visit and subscribe to the Coos Health and Wellness website HERE. We are posting updated Operational Blueprints for the 2020-2021 school year. You may see these blueprints HERE.

I will continue to keep you updated as we move forward. Let’s hope for a good week and a reduction in cases in Coos County.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, 

Bryan Trendell
Coos Bay Public Schools

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