Superintendent Update - November 23, 2020

Hi Everyone,

The updated two week look-back metrics have been released. The test positivity rate has continued to stay in the green column. Unfortunately, the case number has continued to climb and is now in the middle of the Orange Zone. Our plans to bring 4th-6th grade students back to in-person hybrid will be pushed back at least a week due to this information. We will continue to operate K-3rd grade in-person and provide “limited in-person instruction” to our 4-12 grade students. We will reassess the metrics next Monday and if they drop back within the Yellow Zone we will look at December 7 as our date to bring 4th-6th grade students back. Please continue to do your part, as well as encourage those around you to do their part, in helping to reduce the spread of the virus.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy

Bryan Trendell
Coos Bay Public Schools