GO-Bond Madison School Renovations are Moving Forward!

At long last, the planned additions and renovations for the Madison School are getting ready to begin!  With the bond work at Eastside and Millicoma Schools complete, and the new Marshfield Junior High School set to be completed this summer, construction will soon begin on the new administrative addition at Madison, as well as some much-needed renovations, including a new elevator, library, and safety and security improvements!

To help with the cost and efficiency of construction, as well as keeping our kids safe, students and staff will be vacating the Madison School and moving into the Blossom Gulch School.  As soon as students are released for summer break, this packing and moving will begin.  Shortly thereafter abatement and selective demolition will begin, with construction continuing through the next school year.

Local architect HGE and Scott Partney Construction will be joined by a number of local subcontractors on this next phase of the Coos Bay GO-Bond projects.  In fact, better than 80% of the construction costs will be conducted by local contractors!

Many thanks to these local businesses for their part in helping make this next phase a success:

Acacia II

Arcadia Environmental

Armiger Accoustical and Drywall

Art Signs

Coast Pavement Maintenance

Gerald Schrag & Son Masonry

Johnson Rock Products

McGowne Ironworks

Northwest Building Specialties

Reese Electric

Rubensteins Contract Carpet

Tri-County Plumbing

West Coast Contractors

West Coast Fencing

And many thanks to our whole community as we continue to work together for our schools and our kids!