Madison School Noise

Wow, are exciting things happening at Madison School! 


If you’ve been over to that side of town lately you will have seen that a lot of work has been going on. 

Over the last month or so, our construction team has made a lot of headway on abatement of hazardous materials inside the building, selective demolition and the beginnings of construction! 

The green house has been set aside for future reuse, the front entryway is gone, that breezeway connecting the classroom building to the gym has been demolished, and we even removed a buried underground tank! 

Madison Construction


Madison Construction


Simultaneously, construction of the new roof has begun over the top of the old building.

Madison Construction

Madison Roof Construction

But starting next week some really interesting (and potentially annoying, if you live in the neighborhood) work will be happening on campus.  Part of the seismic improvements being made to Madison School is the installation of driven pilings as part of the foundations for the new construction.  Just like what was done at Eastside School, local contractor West Coast Contractors will begin work on a number of pilings for the foundations next week. Fortunately, this work will be contained to about two weeks and they are working on a plan to limit the actual pounding of pilings to just a couple of days.  But if you live in the immediate vicinity of Madison School, you will definitely hear pounding during regular construction hours.  The great news is that this work is actually occurring a little ahead of schedule, which means it is expected to be completed before the new school year begins.

Construction is always a challenge to a neighborhood, between additional traffic, dust, and noise.  This is one of two times that folks can expect to experience particularly noisy construction activity, and we’ll keep you updated as we get closer so you know when to expect it…and can plan a day at the beach….or the mountains…or just go hangout on the sidewalk across the road from the fenced construction area and watch the fascinating process as our construction team takes on this next phase!