August 18, 2021 Madison School Construction Update

We promised you an update on the construction this week, as our team prepares to install those pilings at Madison School.  It is official, West Coast Contractors expect to be able to prepare the piles this week, but actually begin the pounding this Friday and complete it Saturday. 

While construction can always bring unexpected challenges, WCC hopes to contain all the pounding to these two days. This is a pretty cool process and the added stability will really benefit our school, but for those immediately around the campus, be prepared for that rhythmic pounding during the day. 

One additional word of caution: Please remember that the entire Madison School campus, everything surrounded by fencing, is an active construction zone.  If you are not an active member of the construction team, PLEASE DO NOT ENTER THE CONSTRUCTION ZONE
If you have questions, please remember you can always call our construction managers, or email them at  They are happy to answer questions about these projects.