Madison Elementary - Construction Update

21 September 2021

MES Concrete Pour


With abatement and demolition complete, the Madison Elementary School Addition and Renovation project is moving forward and the next big step is the pouring of foundations for the new Administration area in front of the school. 

This is going to be a huge slab, formed in two parts, which adds its own unique challenge.  In order to get the necessary cure on such a deep foundation, it will best be poured when there is neither sun nor wind affecting it.  It also requires a number of trucks to bring the concrete to the site.  With these things in mind, our construction team has received a variance from the City to perform this work at night. 

The upside is that the additional truck traffic will not be coming through our neighborhoods during the day, nor around the school during active school hours.  The flip side, is, it must be done as evening work.  For those of you who have been watching this project, this is that second time we have been preparing you for when there might be some unwelcome noise in the neighborhood. 

Our team will make every effort to minimize the noise from this process, but please mark your calendars.  Starting around 6:00 pm on the evening of the 29th of September, there will be increased truck traffic in Empire and activity on the campus that may stretch into the early morning hours. A second pour will occur the evening of October 6, when they will form the remaining portion of the new foundation.

The District will be notifying those folks who live in the immediate neighborhood, but please let your neighbors know.  While this is a potential inconvenience, as always, we appreciate your patience and support as we continue the work we started with this bond program, improving our schools and our kids’ educational experiences.