Madison Elementary - Construction Update

1 October 2021

Madison School Night Concrete Pour

Wednesday evening Empire residents saw a steady stream of concrete trucks moving through the neighborhood as our construction team successfully poured the first half of the new foundation slab for the Madison School Administration addition.  Approximately 5 trucks per hour rolled through town until about 8:00pm. Our construction team worked efficiently and the last truck was done and gone ahead of schedule, with work processing that concrete continuing until about 4:00am.


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Madison Concrete

Madison Concrete

This coming week you will see this increased traffic repeated as the second half of the slab is poured.  Right now that effort is scheduled for Wednesday, October 6.  However, as before, this work is weather dependent, so may shift a day or two in either direction.  As before, residents can expect to see concrete trucks moving through town, starting around 5:00 pm, and through the evening, with work continuing through the night, when the weather is most favorable for the best possible cure.

If you want to watch any portion of this work, please remember to stay well back from the entrances to the construction site and trucks so that our team can work efficiently and everyone remains safe.

With this vital step complete, you will soon see the beginnings of our new office, library, and classroom wall framing start to take shape.  What an exciting time for our school district and the families in Empire!

As always, thank you for your patience and support!