Registration Forms

To register a new or returning student, you can:
Not sure which school you'll go to, check the attendance zones.
To best assist you, please call your child's school or the District Office prior to picking up or dropping off forms. 

Little Pirates Preschool is looking for new students to join our program for the 2023-2024 school year.  Children must be 3 or 4 years old by September 1, 2023.  To qualify for our Preschool Promise program, families must meet certain income limits or the child must be in foster care.  Enrollment opportunities are also available for some families who do not meet the Preschool Promise requirements.

Please complete the Coos Bay School District Preschool Interest form for more information.


Daycare providers: 

For those that prefer paying fees online, Coos Bay Public School has partnered with "My School Bucks" this link will take you to their website where Parents can sign up and use the service. 
School Bucks Link
If you wish your child to attend a Coos Bay school and you live outside the boundaries of the district, please fill out the IDT Request form (Request for Inter-district Transfer) and turn it in at the school office. (Policy JECB and JECB-AR)
Non-resident students, which are students living outside of the CBSD, who have been approved on an INTER-district transfer (IDT) do not need to resubmit a new IDT request unless they have left the CBSD and want to return.

INTRA-District Transfer Requests due June 16, 2024* for the 2024-2025 school year 

*Later requests may be considered in unusual circumstances, at the district’s discretion.*

If you live in the Coos Bay School District, but wish your child to attend a school out of home's assigned attendance zone, please fill out the 2024-2025 Intra-District Transfer Request form and turn it in at the school office (also known as an Out of Zone request form). If your child attends a school on an approved intradistrict transfer, they are not required to submit a new application each year when continuing at the same campus. Requests are considered with the criteria listed in JECBB-AR (JECBB and JECBB-AR). Students who apply for an intradistrict transfer and are not accepted at the time of application because of space availability or Every Student Succeeds Act of 2015 (ESSA) transfers will be placed on a waiting list determined by an equitable lottery process (see INTRA Request Procedures below). If you have questions, please can contact the school and leave a message.

You can now View all School Supply Lists and shop directly from the site.

K- 6th Grade Supplies: The district has given approval to use the K-6th-grade student fee (which is $35.00) to purchase basic school supplies for all K-6 students. There will be a few items that parents will need to purchase and they will receive that list at the beginning of school. The Supply fee can be paid in your school office once secretaries return or Online here - 

Destinations and Resource Link will provide their supply list at the beginning of the year.


Vollunteer Sign Up is currently unavailable. Please contact your school with any questions.

For more information, call 541-267-3104 or 541-267-1310.