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English Language Learners

Our English Language Learner Team is committed to helping students become fluent in English. They also take pride in assisting students and families to become integrated into our schools and community.We have two models of instruction. For grades K-7, the academic model is a pull-out program where students are seen individually or in small groups daily. For high school students, ELL is a regularly scheduled class where students are seen for one class period. At all levels, the staff is both qualified and committed to improving the performance of ELL students. This includes establishing and nourishing relationships with students’ families and making them feel welcome within our educational system.
Program Highlights
In addition to acquiring academic skills and learning strategies, ELL students benefit from cultural enrichment through school projects and field trips. In the past, students have visited a wild game park, attended a performance of the Nutcracker Ballet, and traveled to Portland to the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry.  Activities at school have included exploring international cuisine, indoor and outdoor gardening, and arts and crafts.
ELL Staff, Contact Information
Tammy Coffey
ELL Teacher
Blossom Gulch Elementary (541) 267-3104 x4004
Millicoma Intermediate School (541) 267-1477
John Vickrey
ELL Teacher
Madison Elementary (541) 888-1218
Sunset School (541) 888-1242
Ann Rodriguez

Family Involvement Coordinator

District Office (541)-267-1333