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Student At ComputerThe Coos Bay School District uses scientifically based research and curriculum to teach our students.  Students in elementary schools are given direct instruction in small groups of 4 to 8 students of the same ability as well as push into the general education classroom.  We try and align our math and reading at all grade levels to the programs in the general classrooms so that students can eventually transition back to the general classroom. All special education classroom have the technology available for use by teachers and students.

Resource support in our lower grades is targeted towards specific learning skills, while support in our high school is targeted towards preparing students to transition to an independent adult life.

Our Resource Team is led by Special Programs Director  Lisa DeSalvio.  Lisa has  National Board Certification in the area of Exceptional Needs in special education.  There are very few nationally certified teachers in Oregon, and we are pleased to have not just one, but two on our Resource Room Team.

The Resource Team incorporates science and social studies into our reading programs by using a curriculum that starts with basic word fundamentals.  We then build on the fundamentals by using vocabulary and concepts from the fields of science and social studies.  The result is that students not only learn to read with more comprehension but simultaneously become familiar with words and concepts they will be exposed to in other curricula.

As students move into high school, our curriculum continues the educational component and adds components that help students transition to an independent adult life.  Activities that help the students transition to adult living are tailored to the individuals needs and include learning how to budget, work experience, and daily living skills.  We have a Youth Transition Specialist provided by Voc Rehad and South Coast ESD to assist students to transition to adult lives and jobs.

High school students in our resource program may either work towards a regular diploma, extended or a modified diploma.  Students trying to attain a regular diploma continue to receive instruction tailored to their learning needs.  When appropriate, students are provided with Assistive Technology devices and aids.

Resource Room Team Members:

Lisa DeSalvio –  Special Programs Director

Eastside Elementary School Connie Cleveland – Teacher

Madison Elementary School Erika Staley -Teacher

Millicoma Intermediate School  Gypsy Warrick – Teacher, Connie Cleveland – Teacher

Sunset Intermediate School Greg Pedersen – Teacher, Gregory Pedersen-Teacher

Marshfield Junior High Kitty Demoss - Teacher, Debra Dunbar - Teacher, Amanda Rudd - Teacher, Jennifer Torres - Teacher

Destinations & Resource Link Sarah Prince – Teacher, Val Eiselein – Educational Assistant

Lighthouse Charter School Sarah Prince – Case Manager/Teacher, Val Eiselein – Educational Assistant

Marshfield High School   Doug Landrum-Teacher,  Mike Seedborg – Teacher,  James Johnson – Teacher, Jennifer Torres – Teacher