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Structured Learning Center

The Structured Learning Center, is designed to promote improved behavior and decision-making skills resulting in empowered, independent students who recognize the importance of making positive choices.  The goals of the SLC programs are carried out in all settings within the school.  One such setting is the Structured Learning Center (SLC) classroom.  SLC teachers and staff members educate students on topics such as social skills, accountability, and empathy.  Students are encouraged to take an active role in making positive and healthy decisions that affect their lives, both in and away from the school environment.

The SLC is a classroom that offers a structured setting for students to work on improving behavior and academic skills (as appropriate).  When needed, students are provided small group or individual instruction in the areas of reading, writing, or mathematics.  Students in the SLC Program are bright and capable students who benefit from direct instruction in social skills along with a chance to practice those skills in a small group setting.  As students improve their ability to manage their behavior, they are gradually returned to mainstream classes.  Students in the SLC program are provided support as they begin to spend more time in regular education classes.  Sometimes this support takes place in the form of consultation between the SLC teacher and the general education teacher, while other times an educational assistant from the SLC might be present within the general education classroom to provide more immediate feedback to a student.


  1. Students will show steady progress toward their Individual Education Program (IEP) goals and objectives in academics, behavior, and social skills.
  2. Students will successfully participate in classes outside of the SLC, such as the resource room, speech room, and general education classroom settings.
  3. Students will display positive productive social behaviors in all school settings following school-wide expectations.

We have SLC programs at Sunset for grades 3 - 6,  Marshfield Jr. High, and Marshfield High School for grades 7 through post-high school. Each program is age-appropriate, and all use the same philosophy – IT’S ALL ABOUT CHOICES.  All SLC teachers are trained in the practical skills and strategies to safely manage disruptive or difficult behavior while balancing the responsibilities of care through the Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI).  We have a certified CPI Instructor in the district to help keep students and staff safe during crises or when a student engages in behavior that threatens the safety of himself and/or others. The SLC teachers and assistants continue refresher training courses in CPI throughout the year.

There are a variety of resources available for parents and professionals working with students with negative behavior patterns.  Please contact our Special Programs Director or one of our SLC teachers for assistance and guidance when looking for materials related to working with children and youth with behavior difficulties.

Structured Learning Center Team Members are:

Lisa Amato - School Psychologist

Heidi Luckman – Behavior Specialist, CPI Instructor

Sunset School

Teacher TBD - SLC Teacher


Marshfield Junior High

Jennifer Torres - SLC Teacher


Marshfield High School

Jennifer Torres – SLC Teacher